International Market Update: 3 Tariff Rounds To Be Aware Of

12/12/18 11:40 AM

CHINA TARIFFS  --  There are currently 3 rounds of increases targeting 3 different groups of products and HTS#’s from China, PRC.   Click on the yellow numbers below to access the HTS listing for each round. 

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Do You Need A Larger Customs Bond?

8/17/18 9:01 AM

The Answer Could Very Well Be "YES"

A lot of new tariffs have come into effect this year, and more are scheduled. These increases are substantial, and if they affect the goods your company imports, you are well aware of how this is affecting your business operations.

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International Update: Carrier Capacity & Space Availability

8/2/18 9:35 AM

For the past 3 years the ocean carriers operating in the Transpacific and Indian Subcontinent Trade Lanes have made attempts on the first day of each month and again on the 15th day of the month to try and pass through rate increases to help them recover from years of unprofitability. The newly formed alliances that were finalized in 2017 helped them recover to a point where the carriers collectively recorded a year of profitability. That still left them with years of negative numbers to recover from.

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Still More Tariff Increases Coming?

7/25/18 9:26 AM

Yet another round of tariff increases are being planned, which will add 10% duty to more than 6000 HTS#'s, affecting $200 Billion in new products. In scanning through the listing of tariff codes, there are a LOT of products affected, from foods to handbags to wood/paper products, fabrics, yarns, tile, glass, lots of additional iron/steel/aluminum products, various machinery, pharmaceuticals, in addition to televisions and bicycles. Please review the full listing at These could go into effect as soon as September 2018.

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Tariffs, Trade Wars & The Supply Chains Caught In The Middle

6/29/18 2:21 PM

Few things make international shippers more worried than threats of tariffs and trade wars. And today, these topics are clearly at the top of business minds around the world.

In addition to the ongoing renegotiation of the North America Freed Trade Act, the future of international trade is up in the air. On an almost daily basis, new tariff announcements are being made by nearly every major economic power. 

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Chinese-Origin Tariffs Effective July 6, 2018

6/15/18 9:14 AM

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