Managing The Surge In Post-Holiday Reverse Logistics

11/26/18 10:48 AM

One of the most challenging aspects of the holiday season, particularly for retail shipping, can be the aftermath. Many purchases are often returned due to damages, wrong sizes and a variety of other reasons. To recoup losses, businesses are often able to ship the returned goods back to their suppliers for a refund or rebate.

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3 Retail Shipping Tips For The Holiday Season

9/27/18 10:40 AM

As the busiest time of year for retailers, the holiday season can be a roller coaster of preparation and execution across all areas of business. From gauging the latest shopping trends to staffing temporary employees, there are several moving pieces that need to work together to succeed. One part of the puzzle that certainly can't be overlooked is inventory and supply chain planning.

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Utilizing Carrier Warehousing For Just-In-Time Inventory Replenishment

2/3/17 12:09 PM

One of the biggest challenges of running a retail supply chain is inventory replenishment. For many operations, high volume products need to be replenished on short notice during demand surges. Also referred to as just-in-time inventory replenishment, such surges can occur during predictable periods (i.e., holidays and peak seasons) or on a regular basis for a company that steadily moves a product. 

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Shipper Focus: How SalonCentric Cuts Waste & Improves Order Windows

1/25/17 10:14 AM

Partnering for Measurable Supply Chain Improvements

Reducing Tons Of Supply Chain Waste

SalonCentric, a nationwide wholesale salon and beauty supply distributor, wanted to find a way to reduce its impact on the environment while also minimizing its supply chain costs.

One area of its supply chain that SalonCentric saw an opportunity to make a difference with was the company's use of traditional cardboard boxes for shipping. Corrugate boxes, a staple of most retail supply chains, are great for transportation. However, such containers have a short shelf life and quickly find themselves in landfills.

To address the problem, SalonCentric invested in reusable plastic tote bins. The use of the bins had an astounding positive impact on the company's environmental footprint. 

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The Shape of Retail Compliance To Come: Increasing Demands & Tighter Deadlines

10/24/16 9:30 AM

Back in 2010, Walmart sent shockwaves through retail supply chains when it rolled out Must Arrive By Date (MABD) compliance standards to the thousands of suppliers that keep its shelves stocked year-round. An effort to increase productivity and performance via strict delivery windows and guidelines its stores and distribution centers, the "Big-Box" retailer managed to rewrite the supply chain playbook basically overnight as other vendors soon adopted similar policies.

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Five Retail Supply Chain Practices For Preparing For the Holidays

9/30/16 2:52 PM

We're in the homestretch of 2016, and that can mean only one thing for retailers: the holiday season is about to begin! Undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year, retail shippers have a lot on their plates to deal with.

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E-Commerce Sales Continue Year Over Year Growth in 2015

6/10/16 8:00 AM

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, online sales in the U.S. totaled $341.7 billion, a 14.6% increase over 2014!

With web sales continuing to grow on an annual basis, more online business owners are looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their e-commerce supply chains.

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How The Power Of One Helps Drive Fishers Finery To Retail Success

3/1/16 1:16 PM

Customer Testimonial: Supply Chain Success In The Retail World

Craig Barnell, General Manager of Connecticut-based Fishers Finery, utilizes the services of Averitt Express on many different levels. From importing to warehousing and delivery, "The Power of One" gives Barnell the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that he has: One Contact. One Invoice. One Partner.

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Avoiding MABD Fines and Chargebacks: The Retail Ready Carrier

9/14/15 8:00 AM

In this third and final part of our series on how you can reduce the likelihood of being hit by Must Arrive By Date (MABD) fines and delivery chargebacks, we will discuss the final key to making a successful journey to retail store shelves: your carrier. 

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Topics: Distribution, Shipping Tips, Retail

Avoiding MABD Fines and Chargebacks: Warehousing And Production

9/7/15 8:00 AM

In the first part of our guide to avoiding Must Arrive BY Date (MABD) fines and chargebacks, we discussed how you can get off on the right foot with your retail buyer by determining what their system of support is and what they will expect from you when it comes to delivery time. 

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