Jackson, MS TOFC Intermodal Service To Laredo, TX

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Streamline Deliveries To South Texas And Mexico

When it comes to distribution in Southern Texas and across the border, few cities compare strategically to Laredo. Due to its proximity to the border city of Nuevo Laredo, this transportation hub provides quick access to the interior of Mexico for shippers and their supply chains.

south_and_mexico_map_tofc_jms_to_laredoAs businesses look to shore up their transportation costs and practices, more shippers are finding value in utilizing intermodal service to Laredo, TX. Intermodal solutions out of Jackson can cut transportation costs while at the same time ensure that capacity is available to counteract the rising capacity demand in the traditional truckload sector. 

To help customers move shipments from the Jackson area to destinations across Southern Texas and into Mexico even quicker, Averitt can provide the added-value service of trailer on flat car (TOFC). 

On the rail and road readyhere are few reasons to utilize our trailer on flat car intermodal service to Laredo, TX from Jackson, MS:

  • Competitive Pricing - Intermodal TOFC provides competitive pricing and transit when compared to traditional Over the Road Service.
  • Locked Down Capacity - Avoid capacity crunches by reserving your standard 53' Averitt trailer on rail today.
  • Ready-To-Go Service - With freight already processed and loaded inside an Averitt trailer, our drivers can make quick turnarounds on deliveries once the trailer arrives in Laredo.
  • Complete Cross-Border - We can even manage your shipments all the way from Jackson to nearly any point south of the border via our cross-border services.

Our intermodal experts are ready to help you determine if TOFC to Laredo is a right fit for your business.

Learn more by contacting the Averitt Intermodal Team by phone at 844-610-9471 or email at intermodal@averittexpress.com

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