Download The Results Now & See Where Your 2016 Transportation Strategy Stands

Every business's supply chain and transportation needs may differ from the next, but the challenges and opportunities are often shared by all. 

2016 Survey Results WhitepaperThe purpose of the survey was to identify the challenges and opportunities that shippers experienced in 2015 and to gauge their expectations of 2016. After analyzing the respondents' answers and feedback, we compiled the data into an informational piece that all shippers can benefit from! 

Here are just a few of the questions the results provided insight for:

  • Are businesses expecting to ship more or less in 2016?
  • Which transportation service are shippers most interested in learning more about?
  • How have capacity issues in the truckload service sector impacted businesses?
  • Did the West Coast port congestion and labor issue actually convince shippers to move cargo east?
  • And more...