To Ship Freight By Rail or Road: That Is The Question

8/23/16 1:02 PM

It's a variation on a classic childrens' math problem: "If a freight train travelling 50 mph and a truck travelling 65 mph leave at the same time, where will your freight be tomorrow morning?"

The decision of when and if to ship freight by rail or road can be puzzling. Many shippers will generally not even consider the use of rail transportation because they are not as familiar with it as they are traditional over-the-road services.

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4 Reasons To Consider Intermodal Transportation to South Florida

6/24/15 8:00 AM

Businesses that ship products to South Florida generally rely on less-than-truckload (LTL) or truckload (TL) services. Depending on the point-of-origin, the distance it takes to get freight from point A to point B may also include a high price tag.

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Jackson, MS TOFC Intermodal Service To Laredo, TX

6/2/15 11:14 AM

Streamline Deliveries To South Texas And Mexico

When it comes to distribution in Southern Texas and across the border, few cities compare strategically to Laredo. Due to its proximity to the border city of Nuevo Laredo, this transportation hub provides quick access to the interior of Mexico for shippers and their supply chains.

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Eastbound Trailer on Flat Car: Long Beach TOFC to Memphis

6/2/15 11:09 AM

Are you looking to balance supply chain costs with transit times? Your answer might be Intermodal TOFC, or Trailer on Flat Car service, from the West Coast.

With a majority of international shipments going through the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, California, moving freight across the entire country to destinations throughout the South by traditional over-the-road (OTR) trucking may not be the most cost-effective solution.

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Available Intermodal Capacity From Dallas/Fort Worth To Chicago

4/1/14 9:44 AM

Capacity on Intermodal Moves from Dallas/Fort Worth to Chicago

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