Plan Ahead: 2017 North American Supply Chain Survey Results [Whitepaper]

1/6/17 10:41 AM

As we approached the end of 2016, we conducted our second annual supply chain survey with shippers throughout the country and North America. By the end of our survey period, we had approximately 2,200 participants!

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2016 Logistics Review: 4 Events That Shook The Supply Chain

12/27/16 9:03 AM

Can you believe that another year is coming to a close? 2016 was full of surprises for shippers and supply chain professionals. Many of the stories that dominated headlines this year will impact us all in different ways. From the future of international trade to promises to fix U.S. infrastructure, the year was certainly one that will go down in the transportation management history books. Let's take a look at four of the top stories that will 2016 will be remembered for.

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4 Best Practices To Protect Your Supply Chain From Winter Weather [With gifs]

12/19/16 9:11 AM

Winter is upon us, and businesses throughout North America are running in high gear to meet end-of-the-year deadlines and to prepare for 2017. At the same time, the winter months can bring more volatility to your supply chain and shipping practices. 

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How Global Fuel Prices Impact Your Transportation and Logistics Needs

12/7/16 10:06 AM

Last week, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Russia agreed to cut oil production by 1.2 million barrels per day. Compounded by an increased production in North America, the global oil glut seen in recent years has led to lower fuel prices that have helped drive down surcharges within the transportation and logistics industry.

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Understanding Non-traditional Delivery and Accessorial Charges

11/29/16 10:00 AM


One of the many challenges that shippers and freight managers face in their supply chain are accessorial charges. Also referred to as "value-added services," these charges are the additional costs that are applied to a shipment that requires extra services from the carrier beyond standard pickup and delivery.

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The Power Of Corporate (Thanks)Giving

11/21/16 8:46 AM

"Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action." - W.J. Cameron

The holiday season is officially in full swing throughout North America and families and loved ones will soon come together to celebrate Thanksgiving. At the same time, the ringing of bells on street corners will help to remind us that this is also the season of giving. 

There are many ways that we can give back to our communities and to those in need throughout the year. You may volunteer your time and skills, or perhaps you may donate to a non-profit organization.

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2017 State Of The North American Supply Chain Survey

11/14/16 4:14 PM

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The Value of Hiring Veterans in Transportation

11/6/16 5:30 PM

How military personnel make your workforce stronger, smarter and uniquely capable

Hiring military veterans has proven time and time again to be a win-win situation for both transportation companies and the veterans themselves. For our returning servicemen and women, our industry provides a good job, a stable career path and an opportunity to utilize much of the skills and training gained during the course of military duty.

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Debunking the Expensive Myth of Air Cargo Shipping

11/3/16 10:33 AM

The term expedited transportation is often considered the definition of a "double-edged sword." It is a necessity for urgent shipments, but it can also be a costly method of transportation. While there's generally no easy way to avoid using expedited transportation when you're up against tight deadlines, there are options you may not have considered that could actually save you on both time and cost.

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The Shape of Retail Compliance To Come: Increasing Demands & Tighter Deadlines

10/24/16 9:30 AM

Back in 2010, Walmart sent shockwaves through retail supply chains when it rolled out Must Arrive By Date (MABD) compliance standards to the thousands of suppliers that keep its shelves stocked year-round. An effort to increase productivity and performance via strict delivery windows and guidelines its stores and distribution centers, the "Big-Box" retailer managed to rewrite the supply chain playbook basically overnight as other vendors soon adopted similar policies.

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