Four Tips To Narrow Your Long-Haul Carrier Field

Posted by Averitt Express on 5/1/11 10:50 AM


    The long-haul market has changed a lot in recent years. The traditional long-haul giants may no longer be the best choice.

    Smaller, more flexible regional providers are increasingly penetrating the long-haul space through integrated technology platforms and collaborative pricing. Your best choice may be a team who is willing to do what the traditional powers won’t do in order to win your business.


    In basketball, winning teams play good defense, protect the ball and rebound well.

    While the long-haul marketplace may have changed, the basics of providing outstanding transportation service haven’t.

    Make sure your carrier has a strong track record for delivering reliable, on-time, damage-free service for long-haul shipments.


    It only takes one giant’s collapse to bust your tournament bracket.

    In the transportation world, you can’t afford to place your entire supply chain at risk by putting it in the hands of providers who are financially unstable. A contender should be able to assure you of its stability now and over the long-term future.


    Knowing where your shipments are and when they’re going to arrive helps you plan better and gives you peace of mind. Only give your trophy to long-haul providers who can provide the best in customer service and information technology.

Averitt provides LTL service to every point in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. We provide services “In and Out of the South” through The Reliance Network, a championship-caliber network of highly respected regional carriers who are changing the way the industry looks at long-haul LTL.

Here are some reasons you should consider giving Averitt and The Reliance Network a chance to earn your long-haul LTL business:

  • Averitt, along with all other members of The Reliance Network, is well-known for exceptional reliability.
  • Averitt and The Reliance Network can be flexible for you, providing LTL, truckload, pool distribution, expedited services and ocean services. You get the convenience of calling one number (1-800-AVERITT) for all of your transportation needs. Plus, with The Reliance Network, you can have one carrier handling your regional AND national shipments — no juggling different carriers.
  • Averitt and The Reliance Network are financially stable.
  • Averitt and The Reliance Network can provide complete, real-time shipment visibility from origin to destination with one click or one call — no need to visit multiple websites or call multiple phone numbers.
  • Averitt and The Reliance Network don’t force you to choose between outstanding service and competitive pricing. We can provide value in both areas.

Interested in learning more about how Averitt and The Reliance Network can reach farther for you? Contact your local Averitt transportation specialist today, or simply call 1-800-AVERITT.

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